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Facebook Marketing Agency Hyderabad

When you think of Facebook you get reminded of your friends, pictures, celebrities, etc. But Facebook has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms. Due to the number of people using Facebook nowadays, it is a great platform to promote your business. Facebook is the biggest network in work which helps in huge audience reach.

10 Facts we cannot ignore about Facebook

  • Biggest social network with more than 2.74 Billion active users.
  • India is the country with the highest number of users on Facebook, 320 Million.
  • The 25-34 age group is the biggest audience on the network.
  • Two thirds of facebook users visit local business pages weekly.
  • In India, Facebook advertising costs very less compared to other platforms.
  • Facebook users spend around 34 minutes per day on the platform.
  • 80% of mobile users of Facebook are using Android.
  • Facebook provides very detailed targeting options for advertisers.
  • Facebook Groups are used by more than 1 billion users.
  • Facebook likes, shares, reviews, and fans are considered as Social Proof.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing & Advertising


Facebook, as mentioned above, has over 2.74 billion users with over 1.5 billion active users every day. This is a platform that can provide massive exposure. We can target 320 millions active users in Facebook from India.


One of the biggest benefits of Facebook is to reach a huge audience as per their interests, demographics, and behaviour etc. Facebook pages, Groups allow us to engage with audiences interested in specific topics. Facebook ads will allow us to target our buyer persona.


Facebook ads are budget-friendly and any small business can advertise on its platform. The cost of the advertisements depends on the business and target region. Compared to any other ad network, Facebook is one of the most affordable platforms.


If you want to build the brand image of an individual or business, this is the right platform to build your brand. Millions of individuals and businesses are using this network as their brand identity.


We can generate huge traffic, leads and sales by targeting the right audience. In India, the average cost to generate visitors is Rs 0.2 to Rs 3 depending on niche. CPM costs in India are in the range of Rs 10 to 100 as per the niche. Thus it helps in generating higher leads/sales at a very low cost.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Our team of Facebook marketing and advertising experts can build a strategy to suit your business needs. Our Facebook packages have both organic and paid strategies. Our social media experts will manage your business page and promote your services to generate leads/sales.

Facebook Page Management Services

Every business must have a Facebook business page to engage their target audience. Creating a business page on Facebook and growing is not a simple task. It is not enough to just create a business page and relax. We have to regularly post content, stories, videos and do Facebook Live. This helps our audience with the latest info and increase engagement.

Facebook Page Management services includes: 

  • Facebook business page setup
  • Tabs setup
  • Content planning
  • Creatives designing
  • Regular posts as per schedule
  • Comments management
  • Message management
  • Improving page followers/fans

Facebook Ads Management Services

Facebook Ads is one of the top platforms to reach new audiences and generate leads/sales. Facebook offers different campaign objectives to reach our business goals. Our Facebook ad experts can design and promote an ad campaign for business growth. Facebook Ads offers objectives like Page Likes, Post Engagement, Events Engagement, Leads Generation, Conversions and Mobile App Installs etc.

Facebook Page Management services includes: 

  • Facebook business page setup
  • Tabs setup
  • Content planning
  • Creatives designing
  • Regular posts as per schedule
  • Comments management
  • Message management
  • Improving page followers/fans

Our Facebook Marketing Strategy


Business Analysis & Objectives


Competitor Research


Planning the Campaign


Creatives Design


Ad Copy writing


Creating the campaign


Monitor Results




Optimization of campaign as per results.

Our Previous Works

Why Choose ITinfo Digital?

14+ years of expertise in Facebook Marketing & Ads

Highly experienced creatives designers

Complete Social Media Management Service.

Research based approach

High quality ad copy writing

Generate Quality Leads and Sales

Our Pricing

  • Basic
  • 9,999
    per Month + GST
  • Page Setup
  • Cover Photo Design
  • Content Planning
  • 2 Creatives Per Week
  • X Comments Response
  • X Messages Response
  • X Ad Account Setup
  • X Advertising Campaign
  • X Adsets
  • X Ads
  • Monthly Report
  • Email Support
  • Premium
  • 24,999
    per Month + GST
  • Page Setup
  • Cover Photo Design
  • Content Planning
  • 5 Creatives Per Week
  • Comments Response
  • Messages Response
  • 1 Group Management
  • Sharing in Groups
  • Ad Account Setup
  • upto 3 Ad Campaigns
  • upto 5 Adsets
  • 2 Ads per Adset
  • Monthly Report
  • Email/Phone Support

10% Discount on Quaterly Packages

Frequently asked Questions about Facebook Marketing

Which is the best facebook marketing agency in hyderabad?

ITinfo Digital is one of the best Facebook marketing agencies in Hyderabad with 14+ years of expertise.

What is the difference between organic marketing and paid ads?

Facebook organic marketing refers to page management, in which our team will be managing your Facebook presence by posting regular content and engaging with the audience.

Whereas Facebook Paid Ads strategy refers to advertising on Facebook Ads platform to reach the target audience. This is a paid strategy for business promotion.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

The minimum daily budget to advertise on Facebook is $1. However, you need to invest a higher amount to achieve better reach and conversions.

How much does Facebook Marketing and Advertising cost?

ITinfo Digital offers Facebook marketing and advertising services at an affordable price. Our basic charges start @ Rs 10,000+GST for Facebook marketing.

What is the Facebook Leads Generation Campaign?

Facebook Ads has a dedicated campaign setup to generate leads directly on the Facebook platform. Users can fill the form directly on the platform without visiting our website. After filling the form the user has to choose to either visit our site or call our business.

How can Increase my Facebook followers quickly?

The fastest way of growing page likes/followers is to use Facebook Page Likes campaign. This campaign helps us reach the target audience and let them follow our page.

How much does it cost to generate 1 page like?

The cost per like depends on industry and target location. In India, we can get a page like in the range of Rs 0.5 to Rs 5 depending on targeting options.

Our Facebook Ad Account is disabled, How can I recover it?

Generally Facebook Ad accounts are disabled due to account issues, suspicious behaviour and not following ad guidelines. In most cases, if your product/business is legal and you didn’t violate any ad policies, you can appeal to Facebook for review. In most cases, the Facebook support team may re-activate your account.



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