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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media website which is strictly focused on corporate people or people who are looking for a job. It's just like Facebook but for your career with a premium service subscription and no Targeted advertisements by selling user data. It works on the subscription-based model and it's marketing services. Thus it is secure and offers greater privacy of user data which is ideal for corporate people and companies. Many companies reach out by posting for job vacancies and HR are very active on this social media website. Thus it makes it easier for people and companies to connect with each other and people make connections with each other. You can post about your skills and people can endorse you for your skills. Or you can take a LinkedIn skill exam to prove your expertise and be beneficial for your potential HR or recruiter.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn consists of a concise pool of people who are looking for jobs, working people and company pages which can be used for recruitment or promotion of them.
  • Thus with LinkedIn marketing, you can reach out to a greater audience of people and LinkedIn gives you great free tools to narrow down your searches and help reach your target audience.
  • Most of the people are not natively from the US but people from all over the globe use LinkedIn and thus your customer base is effectively the whole world.
  • This provides a greater business potential for your company and combined with other features like Inmail which is a way to instantly connect with anyone is very helpful to land deals.
  • The only downside to this is that it is a paid feature but LinkedIn stats show that you will be the one to ultimately gain the most out of it.
  • You can create your own company page at free of cost and post text, image or a video of your choice.

LinkedIn marketing services

LinkedIn provides various marketing services like an enhanced targeted advertisement for companies and their most famous one is Sales solution. Microsoft themselves use this and it has shown a 38% increase in their sales with a record of 2 major deal per week and you can use this feature to your benefits. You will get an account-based marketing approach with some efficient research tools and much more customization options than the unpaid version of LinkedIn. Sales solution is one of the topmost used marketing tools of LinkedIn which has proven to be beneficial to a lot of companies over the years with an average growth percentage of 15% growth in sales and more lead pool generation.

You can also use the groups feature to connect with other professionals with a similar interest or create your own group to build a community and have a stronger customer connection base. Ideally, you should be active on LinkedIn and use their features to post articles, images or videos t regular spaced intervals throughout the day to capture the audience and convert people. Targeted advertising is very easy and will help you to reach out to more people.

Thus LinkedIn is just like any other social media website with just a different user base which mostly includes corporates and professionals. This helps them to reach out to more people and hire the specific people needed for their job as well as to advertise and market their company and use the marketing services of LinkedIn.

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