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ITinfo Digital in Hyderabad would be glad to work with small/large scale businesses and plan a strategy to make a profound presence in the world of digital marketing. Indeed Digital Marketing has revolutionised lead generation and sales. People are hooked to the virtual world, and they are more interested in what they see over Social Media. ITinfo Digital understands the latest trends in Digital Marketing.

Every project that we undertake and complete is a feather in the hat. We’ve been around in this industry for the last 14 years. Our team is highly skilled in various digital marketing strategies. We have completed more than 300 projects across various industries.

The most important aspect of Digital Marketing is to select the right platform which suits the business needs. It would be a baffling task to select the right channel for novice marketers. At ITinfo Digital, we would guide you in selecting a proper digital marketing strategy to grow your business.  We would pave the way for a successful strategy in any business. We would make the path clear and remove any ambiguity. Our strategy would be directed towards reaching potential customers irrespective of the nature of business and the digital platform.

Share your ambition, and we would be glad to guide you in your business endeavour.

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    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing is marketing strategy to target users on internet. The primary goal of digital marketing is to generate traffic and leads/sales for business.. It can be implemented for both B2C, B2B business models. 

    Digital Marketing is an ocean; therefore, there fore it requires a skilled professional to navigate the digital strategies for your business. Today marketing is not just a television commercial or an attractive billboard. Everything is sold over the internet; also, choices are made over the online world, and impressions are created. Hence, it is important to accept the change and look for a digital space. To be relevant it is paramount for businesses to go digital.

    The reach of digital marketing has been phenomenal when compared to traditional marketing. Besides, it’d been cost-effective and easier to reach the target customer without any hassles. In the traditional method, there is no control over who sees the advertisement. However, through Digital Marketing with an effective advertisement campaign, you would find the target audience interested in your product and services.  You choose who will see your ads.

    Apart from its accurate reach Digital Marketing is measurable in every aspect. In fact, all the metrics vital to gauge the company's performance are crystal clear. Reach, impressions, views, clicks, conversions and time on page are important pointers that could be analyzed, and a proper marketing strategy can be chalked out.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing

    • Customer is a king is an old cliché, but customer loyalty is even more valuable. Digital Marketing helps in gaining loyalty. Social Media is a great platform to get direct and honest feedback from the customer. It helps to maintain a great rapport with customers, which eventually improves the overall relationship with the customer.
    • Accurate data is a boon, and it assists Digital Marketer to find accurate leads, clients, or customers that matters. It is easier to target the right audience who are generally interested in the product and services.
    • It is indeed an intriguing trivia that India has the largest number of internet users, making it even more important to look for a Digital Marketing option.
    • Almost 3.5 billion people search every day on Google. That’s a lot of data and searches.
    • There is plenty of empirical Data that the return on investment is high because Digital Marketing requires less investment when compared to conventional marketing.
    • The performance of every campaign is crystal clear, and it is easy to measure the outcome. The availability of data helps gauge the overall business.

    Our Digital Marketing Services Includes

    Book an appointment with ITinfo Digital service in Hyderabad. Our Digital Marketing experts have the sagacity to plan a long-term goal that would invariably bring success. Don’t let your dreams fall apart. Share your business ideas with us, and we will plan a strategy to ensure that your ideas become a reality.

    List of Digital Marketing Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    Paid Per Click Ads

    Social Media Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Lead Generation


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of our Digital Marketing Strategy. If you believe that your business ideas are exceptional, contact us to design a sophisticated SEO strategy. We are in the Digital world for nearly a decade, and in 14 years we’ve understood various strategies to rank websites. Google uses more than 200 factors to rank a website. We can decipher Google in various ways that would rank your website and make your presence visible.


    We will guide you through all the intricacies of Paid Per Click (PPC) campaigns. ITinfo Digital would make things simpler and remove all the unnecessary noises and plan a strategy that would work for your business. Share your business strategy, and we would ensure that every click turns into a profit. ITinfo Digital would make your clicks lucrative. Our Google and Binge certified professionals would build exceptional campaigns to generate traffic at an affordable cost.


    Everybody is on Social Media; also, everyone writes, and many people read. A campaign on Social Media requires creativity and copywriting skills. ITinfo Digital brings quality writing and creativity to the table. Apart from the creative aspect, we delve into the customer psyche on the Sociological and Psychological level. We understand the nitty-gritty of all the Social Media Marketing platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN and Quora.


    Content Marketing strategy is effective to attract customers and generate leads. We understand the value of content and how it can impact the branding of a product or service. Content is not a one-time flash-in-the-pan story. In fact, it is important to produce consistent quality content. A good advertisement campaign on Social Media requires excellent copywriting and stimulating quotes to attract eyeballs and fetch more audience & customers.


    Boost your customer loyalty and bring more leads through Email Marketing. Despite the overwhelming presence of Social Media, everyone check e-mail regularly. The ROI on Email Marketing is quite encouraging. People tend to spend 130% more on products that are usually marketed through e-mail. We would plan and create an email list that would reach the target customer. A strategy can be designed through email marketing that would bring leads and inevitably convert them into customers.


    ITinfo Digital can create leads from Social Media to Email Marketing, SEO, and PPC. Every business has unique requirements, and the platform should be decided according to the requirements of the business. At ITinfo Digital, we would chalk out a strategy that would help augment your brand value and increase leads. Lead generation is a combination of good marketing acumen and art. Our advertisement campaigns and Social Media posts ooze with creativity.

    Our Digital Strategy & Approach:

    Our Digital Strategy is well arranged in a way that would pave the way for positive results.



    The brainstorming would start immediately after we receive the request for proposal. Our team of highly experienced professionals will review your business and define a plan of action to achieve your business goals.



    We delve into the client's requirements and understand the business. Strategies and business goals will be laid out once there is a complete understanding of client requirements.



    If you are pondering over an online strategy, then we have a systematic procedure that includes website designing, SEO, content, and Social Media Marketing. The platform will be decided depending on the niche. If you already own a website, we will analyse the PA, DA, age of the domain, ranking, index pages, Backlinks, and Content quality. Besides, we will do a comprehensive research of the competitor’s website and investigate the above-mentioned parameters. We will also do an in-depth analysis of social media presence for your business and compare it with competitors.



    Every project is different, and the approach varies depending on the requirements. For instance, not every business would work on every Social Media platform. We would suggest the ideal platform for Social Media and plan SEO strategy including Keyword Research, Search Volume, competition, bid low range, and bid high range.



    We send monthly reports to every client and track all important metrics. The metrics include overall traffic on the website, new visitors, views on the website and social media, highest visitor on an individual page. Measuring results is vital as it gives an important update about the activities and eventually provides an opportunity to improve.



    At ITinfo Digital, we merge creativity and business. We are open to new ideas and experiment with new trends. It is important to look into the titles, thumbnails and target a highly engaged audience. We do our homework before launching a campaign and regularly track the performance.

    Why Choose ITinfo Digital?

    In one word, it is credibility and the time we’ve been around in the industry. Twelve years of experience give us an edge. However, years in the industry is one criterion; but we keep ourselves updated to new changes in the digital world. In Digital Marketing, “Change is the only constant.”

    Digital Marketing Client Reviews

    ITinfo digital did great for my company. They're really good, one of the best digital marketing agency in hyderabad. They are highly skilled professionals. They go beyond the contract. They seem always be one up on everything that’s current. They helped my business grow with SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing Strategies.

    Sai Kiran

    For our concern BILIMBE Social Media Photo booth, ITinfo digital has been doing SEO and digital marketing services. We have been ranking better in SEO and got more business leads through their efforts. I rate them as best digital marketing company in hyderabad. I highly recommend start ups to choose ITinfo Digital team for digital marketing and SEO Service. Good work !

    Neel Anand

    ITinfo Digital is providing website design, maintenance, SEO services and digital marketing services for my firm Get Services Inc for more than 10ears. Response provided by team is amazing. Many of my friends also utilized the services by ITinfo Digital. I highly recommend this as best digital marketing agency in hyderabad. They provide timely updates and are transparent with all the digital marketing strategies.


    ITinfo Digital created a very good website for our company. Even they are providing SEO services for our website since many years. Really they are doing very good work. We are still ranking on the top positions for many keywords. I would rate them as best seo services provider in hyderabad.

    Manasa Hari


    Digital Marketing FAQ's

    What are the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad?

    ITinfo Digital is one of the top digital marketing companies in hyderabad. We have 14+ years of industry experience.

    How much does a digital marketing agency cost?

    The cost of complete digital marketing services can range between Rs 25,000 to Rs 2.5 Lakhs. The price depends on which digital marketing strategies are used, industry, location and other factors

    What companies need digital marketing?

    In today's digital era, every company either B2B or B2C will need digital marketing to reach digital audience. In India more than 60% population is online, providing a high reach to audience with digital marketing.

    Which Industries are best suitable for Digital Marketing.

    Digital Marketing can be used for any industry which is legal in specific country. ITinfo Digital doesn't offer services for following industries Banking, Finance, Loans, Alcohol, Gambling etc businesses.

    Is it 100% Guaranteed that Digital Marketing will generate leads/sales?

    As a professional digital marketing agency we will ensure the right audience are targetted with our digital strategies. Leads/Sales are completely dependent on user behaviour in your given industry. The best way is to test the audience to understand the conversion rates.

    What are different digital marketing strategies?

    Digital marketing consists of various strategies like SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and more. Depending on your business our team will suggest the right digital marketing strategy.

    Can we have a Free Digital Marketing Discussion?

    Yes, to understand your business and marketing needs, our team will have a 30 Mins online meeting session.

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