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What is Content Marketing?

You just made a path-breaking discovery or perhaps built an outstanding strategy but unfortunately failed in articulating the idea. All the hard work on SEO, Social Media Marketing would go down the drain. Your articles, blogs, and social media posts are akin to a sales pitch in the Digital world. A fascinating artistic post would certainly attract eyeballs, but the post could be a disaster if the copywriting is mediocre.

If you are planning a start-up, have you ever asked the question: “why people should visit your website or buy your products?”

You might be daydreaming or maybe musing over an idea, but how you would sell it is the most important question.

At ITinfo Digital, we offer a high-quality content writing service. Share your idea, and we would create rich content and augment the writing with flowery words. Any Content irrespective of niche ought to be explicit and clear, and it has to drive the point home. Our content writers are experienced enough and understand various industries. Irrespective of niches, content writers at ITinfo Digital can develop creative, intellectually stimulating, or a compelling story about your business.     

Types of Content Writing

Content Writing

Social Media Posts


Website Content


Remember the advertisements that were once household names like “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola” & “Yeh Dil Mange More.” It was a subliminal message which conjures a vernacular word, i.e. Thanda meaning cold and substitutes it with Coke. Effective copywriting could influence people’s choices. The written pieces are the starting point of your branding process. Creativity is ITinfo Digital forte apart from the technicalities of Digital Marketing. We are everywhere on Social Media, especially Facebook; check out our stimulating posts and the impressive copywriting.


It could be a hobby for a budding writer or a traveller interested in sharing his travelogue. But blogging in Digital Marketing helps in ranking your website. Google loves content, and you can delight Google search engine by consistently posting new content. However, posting content is not enough; it ought to be quality content with proper keywords. Deciphering the customer linguistic taste is Keyword research. Every Keyword is a query from the Customer, and your blog can answer the query and perhaps influence and turn the lead in a customer. There are myriad writing style for various brands and services. It could be narrated in a detailed way or persuasive, perhaps in an intriguing story-telling style.

Social Media Posts

Everybody writes on social media but effectively communicating a point is a different ball game. Almost 40% of the world is on various platforms of Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. Writing on Social Media is a different genre. The posts ought to be insightful, pertinent, and relevant to the specific platform. Good social media posts include current trends from any background or news. Social Media is a unique world with intriguing peculiarities. A good Social Media Post would include those subtle peculiarities. Every Social Media platform is different, and a particular post on social media might not work on another platform. For instance, a lighthearted tweet could be a huge hit on twitter and a disaster for your brand on LinkedIn. At ITinfo Digital, we understand the nuances and the quality of the audience on every Social Media Platform.

Website Content

There is no escape from quality website content. ITinfo Digital not only helps in designing a website, but we also beautify it with stimulating content. We blend the technicalities of SEO with mesmerizing content. A website with compelling content always receives the best rankings. Indeed, plagiarism-free original content would bring amazing results. The ‘About Us’ page is vital to your website where customers wouldn’t merely click and enter rather; they would enter admiring your story. A story about your trouble and tribulation would attract several visitors to your website.

Hire a Skillful Content Writer at ITinfo Digital

Your entire package on Digital Marketing would also include high-quality content writing. We have completed 300+ projects. Our holistic understanding of various industries and businesses gives us an edge over other inexperienced Digital Marketers. Therefore, the experience that our content writers possess is indeed invaluable. Our team soaks all the details about the products and services of the company and then cascade it to the writers for a reliable well-informed content.

To convince a customer, it is mandatory to understand the product and services. The vast knowledge and the experience of working on numerous projects give us a unique advantage in content writing.IT info Digital has been in the Digital Marketing Industry for the last 12-years. Our exceptional knowledge bank helps content writers with plenty of material.

Apart from top-quality content, we gauge the content on the parameters of SEO. High-quality content does not imply that it should be academic or scholarly with innumerable jargons. The content should be relevant and readable. Google punishes mediocrity in general and harsh on low-quality content.

Google and Content Writing

Panda update in 2011 brought content writing to the forefront. Panda became a nemesis of mediocre content and drastically altered the rankings of various website. Many websites rankings took a dip after the Panda update. Panda strikes when the website has plagiarized content.
Your domain & page authority depends on good content. Quality articles on various social media platforms and websites are not just a requirement; it is a priority. At ITinfo Digital, you get everything under one roof – from SEO, SMM to excellent content. The blending of all these tasks would ensure 100% success.

Why Choose ITinfo Digital?

  • We understand the randomness of Google; therefore, our content will be catered for Google whims as well as customer.
  • Google rewards expertise and authority in any niche. ITinfo Digital, with 12-years of experience, establishes the authority. Our content on any niche exudes authority.
  • A touch of creativity goes a long way in creating a profound impact. Our engaging content on social media would help in establishing your brand.
  • Plagiarism is annoying, and we strictly discourage it. Our content is 100% original and unique.

A normal business is only a balance sheet. With ITinfo Digital, your business could be the next big story.

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