Commercial Video Shoot

Corporate Videography

Our years of grounding in the world of television production give us an advantage over the other players in technological innovation, a keen eye for detail, proficiency in lighting be it for a set or an interview frame. We think in visual frames rather than in textual words thereby creating visually spectacular products. 

Besides this, television has taught us to be team players – having worked with people from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds with the aim to simply deliver a picture that speaks a thousand words.

What do we do?

Corporate Events

Award shows, product launches, conferences and exhibitions.

Corporate films

Adfilms, Promotional AV’s, product and CSR films.

Television Programming

Conceptualising and developing content for What r TV channels in the genre of cookery, travel, fashion shows, documentaries, reality TV, set designing and lighting for TV stations and promos

Our Services


Corporate video marketing is one of the most effective tools in a company’s marketing strategy. Through the power of VIDEO, companies can experience multiple benefits all at the very same time! They can distribute key communications across to employees situated under one roof or in multiple locations; Reinforce their corporate image and brand; Motivate their employees, clients, and consumers; and reach and inform a global audience.


Aerial video Filming: offers a unique view that shows a location’s advantages, access, and surrounding development. Aerial video also delivers majestic bird’s eye views of any project or business – It’s an extraordinary way of showcasing special projects, commercial properties, residential real estate properties, and scenic landmarks and destinations.


Our passion for making documentaries Red star productions has produced documentaries for many leading clients including govt of Telangana, helping hand foundation, CNN, BBC, all national channels. We have a long roster of reputed directors who have an in-depth knowledge of the region. Our cutting-edge documentaries aim to work on people's right to know. Our films are made with precision, style, and integrity at their core. We try to capture the truth and the facts beneath the surface with unrelenting commitment. We let our work speak for itself.
Visual Documentation is an area we have mastered. We employ creatively skillful techniques and a visually capturing presentation to bring out the essence and the core of the projects we undertake. We believe in simple language and mild presentation omitting any kind of dramatized tools to retain the originality and simplicity of the scenes.

The documentary on “Shaadi Mubarak” for the Telangana State Government has been our most viewed and praised project to date.

Why Us?

We are a team of able and competent media professionals honing expertise and skill in the field of Social Media and Public Relations. We work through media channels and streams and promote content created by us for various organisations.

We work closely with you to understand your expectations and create an accurate Scope of Work, which sets the expectations, direction, and timing to ensure we not only meet but exceed your expectations!

We work with the objective of a societal cause in voicing out to the voiceless and facilitate social change for the development of the country.

Once the project goals are finalized, production planning begins! We will help develop your ideas into a detailed production script and discuss options for elements such as the tone for the video, voice-overs, graphics and branding.

Once this is completed, we can begin to schedule shooting dates and any required site visits.

Online and New Media is the current trend, and we keep abreast with the viewership trends and promote content in channels that work best for our clientele.

About Director of Photography

Mr. Mohammed Roshan, is an experienced principal video journalist having worked for TV channels like Etv, Ndtv, Times Now, and Sakshi Tv. From February 2015, Started as a freelancer and have covered some big projects. Having 26+ years of experience, started his career as a video journalist with Eenadu television (5 years), as a Cameraperson with NDTV (5 years), as principal video journalist Times Now (3 years), then with Sakshi tv channel (7 years). After a good experience with 20+ years in TV channels, now involved in various big projects as a freelancer.

Career Highlights include the coverages of:

Key Assignments covered includes:

Works as a Freelancer:

Govt of Telangana

Shot Shadi Mubarak scheme

Ndtv Good Times

For programming and features

For NGO’s


CNN Tv 18

Documentary on Water at Raichur


Shot Farhan Akhtar stage show at Bits Pilani.


For the corporates sector and ex-minister Shashi Tharoor.

Ndtv 24x7

Documentaries, special interviews and events


Special show On The Road cover city pulse.

Ten sports

Special stories from Hyderabad and special interviews with Sania Mirza, Martina Navratilova, and more.

Times now

Corporate videos

Police dept.

Shot interviews for She team (victims) etc…..

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