Case Study – MeraParty

Company Overview

Mera Party, established in 2010, is a prominent  event management company that organises birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

They offer balloon decorations for birthday parties, among their balloon decorations are arches, twisted balloons, walls, and pillars. They provide high quality 2D, 3D Themes for Birthday Parties. 

They also provide full-service wedding planners and have evolved into a wedding decor designer and consultant.



The  Mera Party came with a mission: to represent their reputation in business online, in the same manner, they do in the offline market. They needed to boost their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) to stand out more in online searches

Furthermore, the company wished to broaden its consumer base for its luxury wedding planning services. To accomplish so, they were required to increase their online reputation and perceived worth to attract the target markets that are looking for those services.

However, they fell short of their objectives. 

That was when they realized that without the assistance of a professional digital marketing agency, they would be unable to climb the pillar of success. They needed to close gaps in their previous approach that were preventing them from accomplishing their objectives. Our partnership was built by their positive aspiration to discover the right strategy for business. 

We discovered that they need an effective marketing approach to help them to grow big into the event planner business.

They wanted us to make something creative:

  • Strong Online Presence for their Brand.
  • An appealing, well-designed, SEO-optimized website.
  • Help them to increase the site visitors and generate lead
  • An effective paid advertising strategy for leads. 
  • Build brand awareness on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 


After reviewing the client’s requirements, we identified the following challenges:

The Approach

We developed a new marketing plan for the client because they were new to the online business and wanted to make a strong first impression. The new strategy was developed to establish the brand and establish the firm’s digital presence.

Creating diverse plans aided in effectively and efficiently meeting all of the client’s requirements.

Website Development

The customer lacked a website with proper UI/UX along with a strong portfolio. As a result, first a portfolio and an SEO-optimized website was developed.

The branding approach needed to be started from scratch. We had significant problems in establishing brand recognition. This is owing to the audience’s narrow range.

Without a portfolio, digital marketing was difficult for us. Apart from that title tags, descriptions, and other and other information were missing, posing significant challenges in terms of SEO optimization.

On the other hand, existing industry leaders had a strong presence, which was a challenging task.

Local SEO Strategy

At ItInfoDigital, we understood the value of local SEO and our team worked hard to ensure that the company appears at the top of local searches for anything relevant to the company’s products, services, or inquiries relating to event planning.

We created and implemented a local SEO plan that involved optimizing local listings on platforms such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, and other local citations and submitting them to local directories to ensure that websites can be found locally.

SEO Strategy

It was obvious that the site needed to be optimized for relevant, geo-specific keywords to drive traffic to Website performance is also required to be improved to reduce bounce rates and encourage deeper in-site navigation. 

ITinfo Digital’s team began by doing a thorough SEO audit and analyzed across all web properties to see how the brand was positioned for search. Based on the search behaviors of their target audience and the services the client believed should be highlighted in the search, a list of priority keyword search words was generated.

Social Media Strategy

Because TheMeraparty didn’t have an active social media presence, we helped to develop a multi-channel social media presence on popular channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, and Linkedin directing users to the brand’s website and the Contact Page. 

Paid Ads Strategy

We created a Google Ads PPC campaign strategy that comprised dynamic text ads, personalized landing pages, and a series of remarketing campaigns that re-engaged the potential customer via the Google Display Network. To help analyze the overall performance of the campaign, we set up conversion tracking to track contact form submissions. 


As a professional digital marketing agency, we prioritize Online reputation Management for the Brand’s recall value. 

We worked to increase the number of good online reviews and ratings as much as possible along with reducing the negative feedback following a complete white-hat SEO strategy. 

We Improved the brand’s image and reach by enhancing branding, digital PR, and effective marketing methods.

We also maintained an effective recovery plan whenever the brand faced a reputational issue.


1 Million

Total People Reached

2 Million

Total Impressions Achieved


Website Traffic Increased


Leads Growth


Social Media Followers Growth