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01 July 2021 / Published in Digital Marketing

How to use Digital Marketing for Health Care Industry

In today’s hectic world, people find it time consuming to find the best hospital that offers high quality healthcare services. With the advancements in technology, there is an option to find rights hospital/clinics online at the convenience of your home. Digital marketing for healthcare plays a vital role in reaching the audience on search, social media and other platforms.

ITinfo Digital is a renowned agency catering to the health care industry with several years of experience in healthcare marketing. We at ITinfo Digital agency hold prior expertise in dealing with some of the leading hospitals and doctors. We worked closely with many renowned hospitals to generate a handsome revenue for hospitals by fulfilling their expectations on medical services. A dedicated digital marketing team is available to analyse the best marketing channels suitable for hospitals/clinics.

Healthcare Industry Related Digital Stats

  • Google is the most reliable medium for people to find suitable answers related to the health care industry.
  • 93% of the people start looking for information on Google.
  • Millions of users watch healthcare related videos on YouTubes.
  • Most people find doctors, clinics and hospitals using Google Local Search and Maps.
  • It is reported that nearly 60% of the users have browsed through the search engine before fixing an appointment with doctor.

Why does Hospital Industry need Digital Marketing?

Let us look into some of the majors reasons for hospitals/clinics to adopt digital marketing for a successful venture.

  • Easy Accessibility

Many hospitals have now started their digital presence with an online website by collaborating with hospital marketing agencies. It is is done with the motive of improving brand awareness among a broad audience as they get direct access to the live website. A detailed list of services and the most experienced doctors can be portrayed on the website to drive the patient’s interest. Also, patients get a chance to connect with the help desk eliminating the hassles of traveling a considerable distance for checking on the appointments.

  • Saves Time

With the digital presence of hospitals/clinics, there is a lot of information available readily on the website, saving people’s time. Most people get all the required information on website and book appointment online.

  • Build Reputation with Online Reviews

Digital tools depict the statistics correctly by tracking the reviews of hospitals/clinics and displaying them to the searchers. Most users shortlist the hospitals/clinics based on past customer reviews. This helps in building social proof.

  • Targets Customers based on their specific requirements.

Creating a digital content for various topics can help hospitals connect with customers easily. Users get complete information from quality writers.

  • Generates Accurate Reporting

Digital Marketing allows hospitals/clinics to track traffic, leads, appointments and other important metrics. We can also identify the channels with best results and optimize it better.


Digital Marketing Services for Hospitals

1. SEO for Hospitals and Clinics

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand in the digital marketing sector as they increase the chances of spotting the hospital on search engines like Google. Our agency follows the best approaches to list the hospital name on the top results on Google. Content marketing speaks about the uniqueness of the hospital across multiple channels for improved sales.

2. Local SEO for Hospitals and Clinics

Local SEO is a mandatory service for hospitals/clinics to guide the patients via Google map to locate the clinic correctly. In addition, it provides the flexibility for patients to filter hospitals based on their area to seek emergency services immediately. If a patient knows the hospital name, he can type the name in Google search and obtain all relevant details.

3. Paid Advertising for Healthcare Industry

 A cost-effective advertising solution for hospitals to quickly promote their brand via services like PPC.  Put an end to boring ads by choosing ITinfo Digital, which does the job via the industry-trusted experts capable of growing the brand.

4. Brand Building with Social Media Marketing

 Social media marketing is the best medium for hospitals to expand their online presence through multiple channels. If hospitals use social media effectively, they can create a substantial customer base and retain potential customers. Any functional hospital website must have active social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for improved reachability.

5. Online Reputation Management for Hospitals

 Online recognition is a critical aspect of hospital management as it builds trust among patients. It can be achieved via surveys to assess the hospitals’ performance via feedback to scope well in the future. This gives a chance for hospitals to improvise their services and be listed in the best healthcare service providers list. Fetching good ratings about the hospital is about building brand reputation and surviving in the market for a longer span.

6. YouTube Marketing for Healthcare Industry

 Healthcare services can gain patients’ attention by uploading informative videos on YouTube channel to give broad exposure to the services. A trending marketing strategy to build more clients and keep them interested in the brand in the digital world. Doctors can arrange Q&A sessions live to instil positivity about their services and want them to avail themselves of them in the future.


Why Choose ITinfo Digital as your Digital Agency?

 ITinfo Digital strives for perfection by promoting the hospitals/clinics across multiple channels by highlighting its specialties. If you have just started a website for your hospital/clinic and looking to promote it, then connect with us.