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22 June 2021 / Published in Influencer Marketing

Why my business is not getting more sales or how I can increase brand awareness and trust among the potential audience? Are you tired of using all the business strategies but nothing is working to get fruitful results? Now, it’s time to use a new marketing strategy that is called Influencer marketing Specialized for Small businesses.

In this complete guide, you’re going to learn what influencer marketing for Small businesses is, its benefits and how you can use it on different platforms.

What is Influencer Marketing?

A Smart marketing technique used to get a larger audience, more leads, helps to increase brand awareness and trust with the help of influencers is called influencer marketing. An influencer can be a popular public figure, YouTuber, blogger, sportsperson, public speaker or any person who has a large fan following.

Under influencer marketing, an influencer promotes your business to his/her audience and it helps you to reach more genuine leads and trust as an influencer has their audience.

In October 2020, a survey is done by Rakuten Insight which depicts that the majority of male and female in India admitted to purchasing product through influencers as they were convinced by their promotion.

Influencer marketing is a more effective way to digital ads. When you promote your business through digital ads it will not put that much impact on the audience. But when somebody else means influencer recommends your product, service or brand then it influences the audience at a very high level.

Whether you have a new start up or developed business influencer marketing will be a beneficial marketing strategy for your business. It’s a kind of social media marketing and gives amazing results as a trust factor already exists between an influencer and their followers.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

  • Influencers have their larger built-in audience hence it’s a great way to attract new customers.
  • It’s a quick way to build trust with influencer marketing as influencers have a trustworthy relationship with their audience.
  • The followers of influencer love their content and when these influencers speak about your brand, product, and business or service these influences them and you will get more leads from influencer marketing.
  • Even if your business have no audience then by reaching influencers you can improve the brand awareness because they have a high fan following.
  • By reaching relevant influencers in your niche, you can attract a target audience on social platforms.
  • Overall influencer marketing is a great technique to get more traffic and sales through the existing audience of influencers which will directly lead to maximize your revenue.

Influencer Marketing on Different Platforms

Now, you know what is influencer marketing is all about and it’s time to look for a platform that you can choose to promote your business using influencer marketing. Every platform has their own uniqueness and top 3 platforms that will help you to leverage influencer marketing is YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Influencer Marketing For Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is a leading social media platform with over 1 million monthly active users and most commonly used by influencers. On Instagram there are two effective ways through which influencers can engage with the audience is posts and stories.

A media like photos, videos, and Instagram reels are used by the influencer to promote the brand, product or service.

Media content gets lots of attraction and engagement as well which helps your business to get more targeted leads. For content relevance, hashtags are used on Instagram and you can find an influencer in your relevant niche.

YouTube Influencer Marketing 

YouTube is a perfect place for influencer marketing and it is more powerful than other social media platforms. To run influencer marketing mainly five types of campaigns are used to promote businesses such as introductory, maintenance, hashtag, contest, and branding campaigns.

The secret of success of marketing campaigns depends upon choosing the right YouTube influencer. There is several YouTube influencers but every influencer is not for your business. Analyze your audience using different analytics tools and check on which channel your audience is spending time and wisely choose a YouTube influencer to get a targeted audience.

Clearly describe the goal of your campaign means what you want to achieve after promoting the content through an influencer. The YouTube influencer uses a different type of video to promote products or services such as product unboxing, reviews, how-to videos, behind the scene tutorials, and day in the life vlogs.

LinkedIn Influencer Marketing 

The next great platform is LinkedIn and it is the best fit for influencer marketing. It’s a great platform to generate direct leads because when a LinkedIn influencer promotes any business he mentions the product or service and it put a direct impact on the audience which leads to sales. To find a LinkedIn influencer you can use the search bar, join LinkedIn groups or use the influencer list that is created by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional platform; it has become a game-changing platform for many businesses. LinkedIn influencers use articles, LinkedIn posts, roundups, live sessions, discounts and offers to promote the services of a business.

How to Measure Results of Influencer Marketing?

Set a clear goal for each campaign: It is necessary to define the clear objective of every influencer program means what you want to achieve whether huge traffic, brand awareness, or more sales for any business.

Specify different parameter to evaluate campaign performance: 

The number of followers, engagement rate, number of clicks, number of impressions and brand mentions is a parameter that helps to analyse the performance of a campaign.

Set goals for individual influencer: For the same campaign you can use different influencer so to measure which influencer is giving you results it is necessary to set goals and performance metrics for every individual influencer.

Use the influencer tracking platform: Tracking a campaign manually is time taking and difficult process so you can use different influencer tracking platform to measure ROI such as Neoreach, Grin, and Tap Influence.

Measure the results: Provide unique URL and discount codes to every influencer so that you can easily measure the results that which influencer is referred to a particular sale.


Influencer marketing for Small businesses is another great way to promote your business or brand to get more trustworthy leads from the influencers. Most brands are spending a huge budget on influencers marketing rather than digital ads. So, search for influencers in your niche and negotiate with them to get more sales.